"Mylan Hoezen and Bergur Thomas Anderson’s Operating Manual for Floating in Space is a gorgeous, ambient and ecstatic sort of thing to listen to. Transmitted in wobbly synth, streaks of bright lights stream past my ears like I’m moving at speed."

Clementine Slime
Operating Manual for Floating in Space is a project by Mylan Hoezen, researching the ecstasy of our existence through manually operating a sequence of bodily movements. This record is the soundtrack to the performative operations performed by Lili Ullrich, Bergur Thomas Anderson, Ratri Notosudirdjo, Noëlle Lakshmi and Alex Chater at Roodkapje Rotterdam in September 2019.

A1. Announcer
A2. Reflektor
A3. Lowish
A4. Explorer
A5. Moondance
A6. Judoic
B1. Skysoil
B2. Constellation
B3. Submerge

“The part-ambient, part-avant garde LP easily stands without the visual, flitting from the in-the-room immediacy of rehearsal recordings, synthesised drones and arpeggios, and an emphasis on the power of the human voice.” - Bleep.com

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Limited to 200 copies with an operating manual insert, liner notes by Clementine Slime and a transparent moonrock sticker.

Mixed by Bergur Thomas Anderson
Mastered by Albert Finnbogason
Photography by Lisa Jasperina Bommerson
Artwork by Joseph Hughes
Design by Koos Siep
Text by Clementine Slime
Project by Mylan Hoezen
Supported by FondsKwadraat and Mondriaan Fonds

“To watch Judoic performed live was to watch five people doing star jumps, of sorts, organised like five human dots on a dice. Each performer was to repeat Judoic until the next cue arrived, which it did not. They kept exhaling ‘ha’. One by one they dropped, excruciatingly slowly, men first and then women. I felt the tension in the room rise. On the women went. Was what we saw a portrait of femme endurance, a missive sent from the binary seventies, a Golden Record spinning back from space where ecstatic togetherness abounded and where climate collapse was happening – only it was happening off-stage and so, to most, invisibly?”

Clementine Slime, 2020

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