Operating Manual for Floating in Space is a project by Mylan Hoezen,
researching the ecstasy of our existence through manually operating a sequence of bodily movements. This website is an archive of performance operations created between 2017 and 2020 

ping@mylanhoezen.com / @mylanhoezen
Saga (September 2020) (in production)
More information soon
Performers: Kid Feng, Pleun Gremmen, Irma Joanne, Selina Kofi, Malcolm Kratz, Angelos Messios, Ratri Notosurdirdjo, Runa Ong, Michiel Teeuw, Manon Verkooyen, Rebecca van Wouwe, Mylan Hoezen

Operating Manual for Floating in Space (LP) (2020)
Label: Futura Resistenza
Distribution: Clone Records
Performers: Bergur Thomas Anderson, Alex Chater, Noëlle Lakshmi, Ratri Notusurdirdjo, Lili Ullrich
Mix: Bergur Thomas Anderson
Master: Albert Finnbogason
Photography: Lisa Jasperina Bommerson
Graphic design: Joseph Hughes
Sleeve design: Koos Siep
Text: Clementine Slime
Project: Mylan Hoezen
Supported by: Fonds Kwadraat & Mondriaan Fonds

Endless (2020)
Performers: Kid Feng, Angelos Messios, Nathalie Roux, Michiel Teeuw, Mylan Hoezen
Soundtrack: Ryan J Raffa
Stage construction: Mylan Hoezen
App: Mylan Hoezen
Photography: Nick Thomas
Videography: Marta Hryniuk
Supported by Mondriaan Fonds

Operating Manual for Floating in Space (Act 1: The Pledge) (2019)
Performers: Bergur Thomas Anderson, Alex Chater, Noëlle Lakshmi, Ratri Notosudirdjo, Lili Ullrich
Musical direction: Bergur Thomas Anderson
Graphic design: Joseph Hughes
Documentation: Lisa Jasperina Bommerson
Engineering: Darryl Quist
Text: Joannette van der Veer
Venue: Roodkapje Rotterdam
Supported by Mondriaan Fonds  

Method (2018)
Performers: Bergur Thomas Anderson, Jan Herman de Boer, Marthe van de Grift, Amaad Khan, Ingrid in der Maur, Anniek Mol, Helia Rafie, Michiel Teeuw, Lotte Wiersema
Photography: Lisa Jasperina Bommerson
Videography: Mylan Hoezen
Supported by Het Resort

Evolver (2018/2019)
Documentation Iceland, Japan, Netherlands and Germany by Mylan Hoezen
Documentation United States: John Isaac Gonzales
Japan & Iceland series supported by Mondriaan Fonds

island (2017)
Performers: Klaske Bootsma, Angelos Messios, Vasiliki Riala, Mylan Hoezen
Suits: Tim Simons
Platform: Ewout Balkema
Documentation: Lisa Jasperina Bommerson

863125 (2016)
Performers: Vasiliki Riala, Jochem van de Wijngaard, Lisa Jasperina Bommerson, Teun de Blok, Robbert Ronquillo, Radu Hainaru
Documentation: Tom van Huisstede

128661 (2016)
Performer: Mylan Hoezen
Documentation: Lisa Jasperina Bommerson

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